Expertly designed for heavy-lift commercial use, our high-performance offshore craft excel in challenging offshore environments. Unmatched in stability and manoeuvrability, they redefine operational efficiency and safety at sea.​

Our offshore workboat range epitomises engineering excellence being purpose-built for crew transfer and demanding offshore operations. Each vessel has been specifically developed to master blue-water conditions, featuring our advanced, stable hull designs and superior propulsion for consistent performance in rough waters. Their lower attack angle and optimized 25° deadrise enable unmatched manoeuvrability and reduced impact in turbulent seas. These workboats, designed for heavy-lift capacity, integrate expansive decks, state-of-the-art shock mitigation, and extensive storage, ensuring operational efficacy and crew safety. Proven in endurance and capability, they excel in varied offshore roles, from crew transfer transport to critical infrastructure support, making them not just vessels, but reliable partners in challenging maritime environments.

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