Our specialised dive operations workboats are specifically developed for the rigours of commercial dive operations, marine exploration, search and recovery. With unparalleled stability and advanced navigational capabilities, they are the definitive choice for safe and efficient dive operations.

dive operations
rigid inflatable boats

Our specialised dive operation workboat RIBs, engineered for commercial diving and search and recovery operations, offer unparalleled operational superiority. These vessels, with their spacious decks and significant payload capacity, effortlessly handle a wide range of diving and recovery equipment. Engineered for stability in varied sea conditions, they ensure precise manoeuvrability for critical underwater tasks. Advanced navigational systems in each craft provide exacting accuracy, vital for complex search missions. Emphasising safety, we equip our boats with state-of-the-art shock mitigation seating, enhancing crew and diver comfort during prolonged operations. Opting for our RIBs means choosing a vessel that not only meets but exceeds the demands of professional dive and recovery tasks, ensuring every mission is conducted with utmost efficiency and safety.

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