Our crew transfer workboats are expertly customised for the complexities of professional maritime crew transport. Boasting exceptional stability and advanced navigation systems, they represent a reliable, efficient solution for crew transfer operations, even in the most challenging sea conditions.


Our range of crew transfer workboats can be customised to meet your professional maritime crew transport requirements. Designed for efficient, safe, and comfortable movement of crew and passengers, these vessels feature a low wake hull for smoother operations at sea. With enhanced bollard pull capabilities and effective push functions, docking and undocking are executed with precision. The spacious decks and anti-slip gangways ensure easy, safe boarding, even when carrying equipment. Inside, the cabins offer a calm and secure environment, crucial for passenger comfort during transit. Equipped with market leading navigation systems and shock mitigation seating, our RIBs prioritise safety without compromising on operational efficiency, making them the ideal choice for discerning CTV operators seeking reliability and performance.

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