Our range of cabin / wheelhouse workboats is designed for durability and versatility, ensuring comfortable and safe operations even under challenging sea conditions. Ideal for a variety of maritime roles, they provide a reliable platform for both crew, equipment and payload, featuring well-equipped, spacious cabins and decks.


Our cabin workboat RIB range uniquely combines robust construction with advanced cabin design for enhanced commercial operations. These vessels are built with a focus on strength and endurance, featuring reinforced hulls that ensure stability in diverse sea conditions. The cabins, designed with precision, offer not just comfort but also functionality, equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and ergonomic workspaces. This makes them ideal for extended missions, providing a secure and efficient environment for crew and equipment. Distinct in their capacity to balance rugged performance with cabin comfort, our workboats excel in versatility, catering to a wide array of maritime tasks while prioritising safety and operator experience. For commercial operators seeking a vessel that goes beyond mere functionality, our cabin RIBs represent an investment in reliability, efficiency, and unmatched quality in offshore operations.

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