Engineered for Purpose,
Designed for Performance.

We build high-performance craft that embody reliability and
efficiency, ensuring every workboat is equipped to meet the
challenges of the harshest of marine environments with confidence.


Diverse solutions for a range of different fleet and operational requirements.

“Seriously Impressive”

Hugo Andreae Editor-in-Chief,
Motorboat & Yachting Magazine


Our marine engineering approach is meticulously applied to the construction of every workboat RIB, upholding the highest standards of fabrication and performance. We pair revered traditions of maritime craftsmanship with the precision of contemporary technology, concentrating on robust power systems, mechanical durability, and structural integrity.

Leveraging advanced modelling and cutting-edge materials, we engineer workboats that are synonymous with endurance and capability in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in marine engineering ensures that our range of commercial workboat RIBs surpass the rigorous demands of industry standards, operational durability, and safety regulations.

“Quite Simply an Epiphany”

Simon Everett Maritime Journalist, Powerboat & RIB Magazine.

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