The Ultimate Boat Company UBC

Powerboats and sailing yachts built by a team of perfectionists from sustainable materials to exacting standards,

Each boat is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Meaning every boat gives exceptional performance and sea keeping ability – workboats with ergonomic layouts and large amount of deck space, through to sailing boats with speed and balance on all points of sail.

The UBC team share an ethos of innovation and a desire to design and build the best craft possible utilizing the latest technologies and materials. The exceptionally talented and experienced designers have a track record of success in their field of power and sail; from high performance transatlantic racing yachts to RNLI inshore lifeboats. The manufacturing team are led by Master Craftsman working with precision tooling to create boats they are proud to put their name to. In fact, they do – each boat has the name of the lead Master Craftsman on the UBC builders plate.

UBC boats are built from the latest materials, utilizing DANU, super tough, hydrophobic composite that uses the same infusion bagging build methods as GRP and carbon but is stronger and lighter than GRP.

Each boat is also designed and engineered with the circular economy in mind; built to last a lifetime; but also built in a way that can be re-cycled, up-cycled or re-manufactured should the need arise.

Our mission is to optimize and innovate to give you the ultimate boat for your needs